Layering Movements<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 4555

Layering Movements
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4555

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Great Class. I wore 5 lb leg weights and that worked for me. I sweated, got a good workout, got lengthened, and had fun. Looking forward to the next class in the series. Thanks Again Delia:) 
Lina S
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Great class. I like your explanations and your precise cueing.
Federica A
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Thank you Delia, neck pull makes sense to me now, as well ;)
Fiona O
I loved this class. I like how you are incorporating several moves per exercise.  
I feel great!!!
excellent class, just what I needed. Thanks much for inspiring me.
I enjoyed this, a lot of instruction without stopping the flow, nice progressions. thank you Delia
Andrea L
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Delia, you are amazing! Your cueing is clear and precise, and, with your guidance, I was able to find energy I didn't know I had!
that was a fab class. I lover your layering!
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Loved this session and learnt so much 🙏👏
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Adored this class, loved the prep for all the excercises which allows clients feel they can achieve a goal. You are very clear and easy to listen to. Many thanks 
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