Reformer Tune-Up 1<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4566

Reformer Tune-Up 1
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4566

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Thank you Valerie Kosty!
ABsolutely lovely to hear. Thank you  ruby oliva-hill !
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Thank you, Sarah, for this mindful full body blast. Your cues are always exceptional to find the engagement as well as the softening. The reverse scooter helped me to see why my right side body feels so much weaker as I worked the deep hip flexor on that side. Feel more balanced, stretched and complete now. Much gratitude! Enjoy your day!
Hi Rena W, Thank you for your thoughtful note. Mindful full body blast.  Love that description and may use it was a title:) It is such a treat to discover new ways to identify imbalance and work toward symmetry.  I am so happy that this class delivered what you needed.  Thanks again and take care!!
Angela S
I am such a fan Sarah. Just loved this class. It was so delicious, thank you from Australia xoxo
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That really was a lovely "tune up". Thank you!
Super Trinjia D!  Thank you for playing:) 
I absolutely loved the class! The exercices regarding preparation for the hips such as large diamond or ankles on the bar were so interesting for me. I felt the connection automaticly. Thanks!  
Tara K
I absolutely LOVE this class. I find I am yawning as the muscles I normally get to are released. Thanks you Sarah I love your classes - you are an awesome teacher
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