Reformer Jump 1<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4574

Reformer Jump 1
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4574

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Thank you Jasmin P!  Jump 2 will be filmed tomorrow.  Same feel but also quite different.  "see" you soon.  
Thank you Michelle G !
Cindy K Yes!  I am a huge fan of hard work and lots of stretching and having fun.  Filming Jump 2 tomorrow.  Side body focus with lots of yummy stretches.  Thank you! 
Hi Rena W,   Thank you so much for you kind note.  Yes.  I am fantastic! Teaching classes for Pilates Anytime is a continuous gift.  I am so grateful for the opportunity share with people near and far.  This project has been a lovely new challenge.  The fact that I get to build and shift each week is so very satisfying.  Gearing up to film another Jump class tomorrow.  The class will be similar to last week but also very different.  Side body focus. Hope to "see" you soon.  Hugs, Sarah  
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What a yummmmmy class!!! I enjoyed it soo much!!! My body feels energized and pliable and my mind relaxed and happy and my head is full with inspirations! Thank you very much, Sarah!!!❤️
Hi Barbara L, Just lovely to hear. I am so pleased this class worked for your, mind, body and  teaching spirt.  Thank you so much!! Hugs Sarah 
Kimberly B
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Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching...lovely flow and nice break up of activities. The focus on individual points of tension while stretching was appreciated. Going in my queue!
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Loved this class, especially the last bit of stretches on the box.  My hips needed that!!
Allana KD
Once again, loved it, thanks Sarah!
Hi Kimberly B,  Thank you so much. I am so grateful for Pilates Anytime for continuing to provide the opportunity to share this way.  It is so fulfilling to know that I have students, colleagues, friends around the world. Connections to people, sharing what we love fills me up!  take care:) 
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