Unlocking your Breath<br>Jason Williams<br>Class 4580

Unlocking your Breath
Jason Williams
Class 4580

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the whole series are wonderful and  i feel totally stretched and relaxed! thanks
Carmen K
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thank you!  this was a great change of pace for me!
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Such a beautiful class - one I will return to many times. Thank-you 🙏
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Adored this gorgeous class. Thank you 
Jason Williams
mimito glad you're enjoying this series!  Thank you for your comment. :)
Jason Williams
Carmen K glad you like the classes. :)
Jason Williams
Alexa B Yes! I'm glad you'll continue to take this class.  :)
Jason Williams
Sharon C You're welcome!  Take care :)
Julie Lloyd
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Jason, I have two of your classes so far, and absolutely love them! What a beautiful mix of mediation, yoga and Pilates, with Reiki to top it off.  Gold star. Thank you!
Jason Williams
Julie L So glad you're enjoying the classes.  You're welcome, looking forward to taking the others. :)
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