High-Intensity Mat<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 4591

High-Intensity Mat
Melissa Connolly
Class 4591

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Sandra B
Thanks so much Melissa great class.
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Hi Melissa, this is probably the 5th time I do the series, they are some of my favourite classes on PA. Your cueing is fantastic and the flow is so well thought through. Thank you very much keeping me strong and toned at 44. 
Love this class....awesome, full body workout, thank you!
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Enjoying this series, can always expect a full and challenging workout from Melissa. Thank you
Lisa T
Another fantastic workout thank you Melissa!
Finally able to complete this class after starting Pilates 2 and half years ago with low back arthritis. So appreciate your classes. Please do more
Patricia H
Lots of abs which was great - more movement and cardio would be greater :)
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