Reformer Tune-Up 2
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4595

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Hi Rena W,  Thank you so much!  I am grateful to have PilatesAnytime as a platform to share, and could not be more pleased to know that this class worked well for your body/back.  Just wonderful.  Thanks again and take care:) 
Hi O V, Thank you so much!  So very happy that the work/cuing  transfers well on screen.  "see" you soon. :) 
Thanks so much Sarah for this class.... very beautiful variations!!.... 
You are welcome Clemencia Puerta. Thank you and take care:) 
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Wonderful class Sarah ! I loved the reclined hip work on the foot bar  with the fibula as the base ! Delish ! Thank you ! 
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Sarah, thank you sooooo much for this amazing class! your cuing is impeccable. I loved ALL the variations. I am a runner and have very tight hips, some of the moves where challenging for me, especially the side lying where we stretched the bottom leg. I cannot wait to repeat this class. thank you :~)
Hi Emily B,  Thank you so much.  I am so pleased you enjoyed that hip variation.  It feels delish on my hips as well.  Take care:) 
Hi Joanne S,  Thank you so much!  I am so happy that the variations and cuing worked for you.   My hips are also pretty tight(been working on them for a LONG time...and will continue to).   For me, taking the time for each stretch and repetition is key.  Perhaps try my lower body stretch class!!  Take care:) 
Fantastic class🌻loved the sitting roll down and the abdominal work! really interesting!👌🏼Thank you! 
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another great class, thanks Sarah!
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