Eclectic-Style Cadillac<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 460

Eclectic-Style Cadillac
Amy Havens
Class 460

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Patricia W
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super, more of that. thanks ;)
It's a great class to challenge pelvic stability. Thank you. And hope that you will teach Cadillac workout again.
Amy: This is beautiful! Wonderfully articulate cueing! Thank you...please do more! Miss you!
You Are my number one absolutely. Every day Im hoping to find your class. It doesn't matter what kind of class . You always let me think about New things . You Are my mentor and Please don't say Thanks . I prefer you Just know that. Monica Italia

Hello gals! Wow, thanks for such a great response to this brief Cadillac workout. I'll be sure to do more soon! Anything in particular? Don't hesitate....and I'll see what I can do! Take care everyone!
Amy that really was fantastic!! I just love the cadillac, its one of my fav places to work out . We just dont have enuff of it here so do more.. all u want! I have the tower/reformer and so cant do the hanging type exercises( Boo) if u have any suggestions to modify that somehow on the tower i would so appreciate... btw..the student you had was so enjoyable to watch..shes so flexible!! Thanks, Jamie
Thank you, Amy. I like the idea to work toward to hanging up series, magician series etc. I like you have your student to do ab series with bar, as it will help people use right muscle to keep up. I also wonder if you the student got strong core (handle teaser series very well), but not flexible, what workout series you will teach? Thank you, again.
Hi Jamie....thank you for the comments! Yes, this student if incredibly flexible....and we're working on that. She has so much available to her so we're working on stabilizing some of that too. I will do more Cadillac because I love it too. I'll give some thought to options for those that don't have the full Cadi. Nice hearing from you!
I love that you are offering more Cadillac classes! Thank you! Please make more classes for the Cadillac/tower. I, too, have a Tower, Peak Pilates Deluxe machine, and I was unable to do some of these exercises due to the placement of my is too close to the wall. I modified by doing the ab series on the mat. It was a great class with great cues and I always enjoy your teaching, Amy. Thanks!
Hi Kristin...thank you for your feedback! I will do another class on a 1/2 Trap so that those of you with those or wall-units can see some other ideas/options. I have all Balanced Body equipment, but I'm sure the Peak Deluxe is similar to our Wall-Units. Talk to you again soon!
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