Jump Board Mat<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 4615

Jump Board Mat
Melissa Connolly
Class 4615

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This is  a great class Melissa ! Well done :)
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I love when instructors add balance and standing work to a mat class. Mallory does both. Some of my other favorites include side planks and pushups. If you want a good workout, you can't go wrong with this class. Thanks Again Mallory:) 
Lina S
A very well-balanced class!
That was really fun, definitely a challenge.  The ball and the balances really enhance all movements.  I wonderered when the teaser was coming.  I will add all these to my favorites list!
Another well designed class. I appreciate so much how each exercise seamlessly connects to the next without interruption. Challenging and invigorating. Thank you so much for the Franklin Ball classes. I will use these classes again and again. Thank you Melissa.
Florence P
great class, thank you Melissa!
Sandra B
Thanks so much....what I like most is the variation  of standing and laying on the mat I think its great.
Thanks Melissa! Great class, loved the sequencing! 
Laurie C
Great well rounded class. Look forward to the other classes you offer. Love love balance work!!!💕🙏🙌🤸‍♂️
Thank you for this great  8 class sequence Melissa.  Did not manage to catch any when done live but thoroughly enjoyed them all eventually.  
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