Abdominal Reformer Flow<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 4626

Abdominal Reformer Flow
Gia Calhoun
Class 4626

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Denise W
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Great class! Great cues!
Gorgeous class. Feel worked, energised and calm :) Thank you Gia. Love your calm cueing. 
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So much packed in 30 min! Loved it! I feel great!
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Thanks Gia - great class! It would be great if you could also do some 20-40 minute Level 2/3 reformer classes.
Katie V
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Great class. Please do some more!!Gia Calhoun 
Dawn U
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Great class, Gia.  Clear, clean, concise and calming!!  Thank you.
Wendy B
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Thank you so much Gia!  What a fantastic, effective, short workout!  I love it and your cueing was spot on👌 Thank you again~
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As always, this was a wonderful class -- thank you! It would be great if you could also do some slightly longer Level 2/3 reformer classes.
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Amazing class - my abs thank you! Hope you can do more classes, Gia!
I love all of Gia's classes and any Studio Du Corp teaching. MORE PLEASE!
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