Notice Movement in Stillness<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Class 4646

Notice Movement in Stillness
Christi Idavoy
Class 4646

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I loved this Christi. So enjoyable to play with movement like this. You have wonderful flexibility and energy. I found some moves challenging but will practice. Envy your ability in your final sequence 
Thank you Christi, this felt so good in my body. I am more and more curious about playful free flowing movement, and I find more enjoyment in my body when there are less "rules". Looking forward to more content from you!
Love the idea of movement is medicine - with current hip issues and feeling less mobility but as a teacher I am still moving and just adapting where I can - just concentrating on what I can do rather than what I cant.....!! I shall enjoy attempting the others - thank you 

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This class was wonderful.  I lift weights, do HIIT type training along with Pilates workouts.  I still love all those things but as I get older I feel it in my body that this type of movement is what my body needs to keep me agile and functioning.  Thank you so much and I hope you continue to give us more classes like this.  I loved it! 
Cynthia G
I am definitely a body of two halves, right and left.  Advice to younger people : do this regularly!  My mind and body are still swirling.  Loved it. Glad no one to watch my version of the class.  Thanks so much.
Liz W
I had cervical spine surgery so the rolling to sit up was too much for me.  I had to stop and will look for classes that are more geared to gentle neck recovery and back strengthening.
Shaini V
loved it, definitely a class to many more times. getting the neurons fired up for this new way of moving. body & mind feel revigorated afterwards! Thanks Christi
Allana KD
amazing class - thank you!
Wow, you certainly are the Queen of stretching! Beautiful
Cheryl Z
lovely need to try to master standing with no arms look forward to working on this in 2022. i also enjoyed the twist with hand on the hip
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