Fluid Spine Corrector
Michael King
Class 465

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Love the spine corrector! This class was challenging and fun!
I really liked this workout because I, too, believe the spine corrector is a great tool that is underutilized in studios. Unfortunately, about halfway through, the video stopped and flipped back to the beginning so I'm wondering if their is a problem with the feed. It was during the part of lateral flexion/extension on the side of the spine corrector. I hope this gets fixed so I can watch the rest. I loved it. Thanks!
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OMG! What a fun, challenging and very creative class. A great change of pace from the usual. I was so bummed when it ended. More classes from him pls!
What a fun class! Michael please come to Chicago!!!
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¿Quién dijo que practicar Pilates era aburrido?. Gracias por estas clases!!!
What music did you use? Love the class

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Amazing! I loved the concentrated flow of this class. My center feels so strong yet I feel fluid not stiff. I loved this class. More, more, more please! And Michael, I love your inflection and your cueing. Thank you for creating such an amazing class!
This class made me fall in love with Pilates all over again. Thank you, Michael. Come visit South Africa sometime!
Shoshana, we've sent an email to Michael regarding the music. We know it is from a royalty free company but will get the name of it when we find out.
I just did this class for the second time. Please please please more classes like this from Michael!
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