Push Reformer<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4679

Push Reformer
Mariska Breland
Class 4679

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Sinead Maguire
Brilliant, can’t wait for series 2 .
Carol K
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Please know you are an inspiration in innumerable ways. Thank you for your precise queuing and your fabulous sense of humor.
Lori So many lies! 😂 I have trouble with the single leg tendon stretch on my left leg, so this variation helps me, too! Glad it worked for you!
Terrip88* tiny but mighty! I consider myself medium tall, but I am the shortest (!!) person in my family on my Dutch mom's side by several inches. The tallest is 6'8"!
Thanks all for the feedback! Push is definitely one of my favorite moves. 
Michael Mary S
Loved all the variations.  Great class.  Thank you.
Mark Hamilton
Great class Mariska! Really liked all the pushing aspects of this class. Quadreped with straight leg gesturing was great. Tricep dips were...hard, and on 1 blue...
Looking forward to the pull class...Thanks so much. 
Great teacher, had to modify at the end there but overall great work out!
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Mariska Breland thank you for your insights of more scoliosis exercises!

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Loved it, thank you!
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