Around the Body on the Wunda<br>Ilaria Cavagna<br>Class 4736

Around the Body on the Wunda
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 4736

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JCT Aww... thank you! 😘
Josiane P 🙏🏼
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This was a great class thank you so much! looking forward to more! Although I love seeing the teachers here that are a mainstay, it so nice to be introduced to new ones! 
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Loved this class!!!!! Excellent teacher
Denee D Thank you Denee, I really appreciate! 🙏🏼
Patricia M Thank you Patricia! 😘
Cheryl Z
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did this after Let it Flow mat love all the to standing work. Also enjoyed lowering upper body down in the high and legs close to chair upper body lower holding handles. Found the leg  work..feet on springs lifting torso a challenge but I managed. Keeping the feet down when the spine lowered down made me feel deep calf muscles. Thank you love your flow and cues time flew by quickly
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Really loved the workout and progression with connection to the mat and magic circle
Nancy O happy you like the class! Thank you Nancy.
Cheryl Z Thank you for taking the class and for your feedback Cheryl! I agree... It's nice to mix classes and do one after the other... Ilaria
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