Breathing In<br>Diane Severino<br>Class 4745

Breathing In
Diane Severino
Class 4745

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Wowww !!!! That felt amazing . Absolutely peaked my curiosity about the Fletcher method .Thank you !!
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I love your classes, Diane! I have got a DVD - a workshop  with you and Ron Fletcher, it is my treasure and inspiration. Thank you.
Christine S
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Thank you Diane this class is such a gift.
Laura Maria
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Wow! The breath work is so strong...I'm looking forward to the book
Cynthia G
Thank you.  That was so great. Have had a difficult covid day.  This was just what i needed.
Kristina C
Diane you are a delight. I will always do the reverence at the end with you! This is a wonderful warm-up to inspire my practice, thank you.
Loved loved this class. Loved the red color even more :)
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Deborah Wasko The Fletcher method is amazing! I would encourage you to explore it more! Watch the other videos that include Diane, Kyria, Deborah and David! 
I just discovered this wonderfull Woman .I'm a BASI instructor( i was an injured dancer when i discover Pilates in Dance Academy in Austria, back in 2002,but not cause of bad teachers, all renowned and tested :)D), with a 38 years experience in dance as choreographer and performer, and i felt imediatly the connection with this woman. Just i fall in Love with Diane.I will be always proud to Be part of BASI family,but i want to Thank you so much ,i admire Fletcher's method,i saw online and i loved to do  last year the super cool Italian  Fletcher'Pilates  Studio class(my favourite after Basi),did it during the worst Corona moment, when APPI ( italian association of Professional Pilates ,made by the world recognised pilates Schools)organised a wondefull Pilates online Marathon with all the best teachers from each schools, so gratefull and spreading joy alonside the commitment.. I keep following you for sure.  Hugs from Italy
Julie Lloyd
Love love love this breathing class!! Thank you Diane. Your positive personality and beautiful teaching are very addictive. I will be following your classes from here on in. 
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