Girl Time Flow<br>Kristi C and Meredith R<br>Class 4787

Girl Time Flow
Kristi C and Meredith R
Class 4787

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Trudi L I love that!  Thank YOU!
Ada R if I were you, I would choose to substitute an exercise that feels good for your spine.  
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I love girl time with you both Meredith Rogers  & Kristi Cooper . It always hits the sweet spot. ❤
Andrea Constantine
I love these girlie workouts so much. They are nice full workouts that seem to go by in a flash. I am so happy there are a few of them so I can keep doing them all! Thank you Kristi and Meredith xoxo
Lisa Hubbard
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It was so fun moving with you ladies! Thank you for a perfect class XO
Lisa Hubbard thank you for moving with us!  I'm confident that I can speak for us both and tell you WE LOVE YOU
Lisa Hubbard Meri CAN speak for both of us! LOVE YOU 
Lisa Hubbard
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Kristi Cooper LOVE YOU BOTH- thanks for a perfect class ladies! Will be doing this one again 🫶🏼
Lisa Hubbard  !!!
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