Restorative Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4808

Restorative Flow
Amy Havens
Class 4808

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I loved this! Glad to have a little dose of Amy at my fingertips now :)
Kelly B
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So glad I found this--it was just what I needed today.
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So lovely, thank you Amy xxx
Carol D
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Delicious. Just what I needed. Thank you!!
Renae K
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What a wonderful class Amy! Loved the relaxing music. Do you have other classes with music? 
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I loved this, thank you Amy. Just what I needed today.
Michelle J
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Amy that class was amazing and just what I needed at the end of my week! Learning to slow down as a teacher and a student is so beneficial ! Truly appreciated you and this amazing class! Feel aligned, balanced and connected ! My favourite ABCs of Pilates !
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What a gift!!! I had no idea this new class was even up but it was just exactly what I needed. I loved the format with the music, I can see myself doing this one routinely. Thank you so much, Amy! 
Lisa C
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Loved this so much Amy.  Exactly what I need.
Agnieszka F
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Thank you sooo much! This is what I needed most. Just breathe and gentle move 🙏🏻
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