Morning Glory<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 4820

Morning Glory
Karen Sanzo
Class 4820

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Good morning from Slovakia! Nice to see you , Caren. I am looking forward for new classes with you.
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Always a pleasure to practice with you !  Hello from Montreal, Canada.  
Thanks so much Karen - always love your creative ideas and cues.
Unhee D
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thank you so much!  simple and effective movement we all need 
Ali G
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This was a wonderful class! Thank you so much!
Cathy S
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Great way to start my day! Thank you. Your comment while standing on one leg that wobbling is ok was encouraging to me.
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I had a class picked out for this morning from my queue.  Then I see "Morning Glory" with Karen Sanzo on the PA banner and I was like, "Yes, please!"  Karen is one of my favorite anatomists on PA.  She describes the reasons your body responds to different positions and forces while using easy listening language like "a little bit of tone" that keeps you moving.  She gives parts of the body permission to come along in a movement once a stable initiation is set.  Just love her classes!
Lovely, thanks Karen! What a wonderful wake up call, brilliant cues and pointers soothing the body into suggestive and feel good movement, coaxing the movement with breath and permitting the body to move in a nourishing symphonic way! Brilliant, look forward to more of your classes online!
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Oh my goodness Karen what a gift this class was for me this morning! Yesterday was my first day of chemotherapy. Life has been a whirlwind for the past few months. Thank goodness the breast tumor that I found (by complete accident)  was very small and only stage one. I’m doing four rounds of chemotherapy just as a precaution because my “possible”  reoccurrence  score came back higher than they like to see. It’s still pretty devastating as to me one round of chemo it’s too much. Thank goodness it’s only for rounds  and a milder version … I think I can handle this!

 This class was just what I needed. Thank you so much! I have always loved learning from you!

 And P.S. do those self breast exams. Like I said this lump was found by complete accident.
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