FUNdamental Program<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 4822

FUNdamental Program
Karen Sanzo
Class 4822

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Always something new to explore thanks Karen:)
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What an outstanding class.  Thoroughly enjoyed the flow, challenge and variations on the theme.  Thank you Karen. 
Lina S
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A lovely class. I've enjoyed the cueing of sensations.
Ruth B
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I always learn so much from your classes. I feel that I become a better teacher after watching and then incorporating your teaching to my clients.

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Great cueing; this is one of the best fundamental class; thank you
Cathy S
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Great class. Thank you
English Rose
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Loved this class!  Lots of neat new ideas and the high kneeling work was great.  Thanks so much.
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Wonderful simple cues.  Fundamental but very challenging
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Love it! Thank you!
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Thank you, Karen, you are a great teacher.  I love the way you explain things, very supportive environment. 

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