Dynamic Magic Circle<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 4846

Dynamic Magic Circle
Tracey Mallett
Class 4846

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Jennifer E
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Super fun class! Thank you, Tracey!!!
Federica A
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Thank you Tracey, great class as always! These classes of yours have just one fault: they're too short ;)
Tina L
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Tracey never disappoints. Great class! Fabulous choreography, always challenging, with a fun and energetic personality!
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great class and just the right length! Thanks.
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Thanks so much for this amazing class, Tracey! Really appreciate these knee-friendly mat classes. Hope you can make more. I always want to take your classes cause I just love your energy and joy, but my bum knee prevents me from taking most of your classes. So this class and others like it are gem!!! 
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Love this class, great quick workout and creative magic circle variations, thanks Tracey!
Jacquie W
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Loved the class, those were some fun moves with the Magic Circle!
Lina S
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Creative variations. Nice balance of strength and flexibility. Thank you!
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Great class! You surprised me. I could do it!
Jodie W
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Great class, challenging and fun.  Love your classes Tracey! 
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