Alan Herdman<br>Alan Herdman<br>Documentary 4851

Alan Herdman
Alan Herdman
Documentary 4851

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Chanda Hinman
The end! Hahaha. Loved it all, but the end!
I was so encouraged by this video legacy of Mr. Herdman. What a lovely person; what a lovely legacy. Thank you for your gentle, humane, self effacing, intelligent, human centred approach. 
What a lovely documentary, thank you!
I LOVED the end comment; 'How do you do the 100'?. "I don't do the 100".
(neither do I).  Just leaves me with a smile having watched this. Thank you.
Alan is an amazing and gifted teacher who guided me to have an open mind and never stop learning. He was my first teacher and gave me the opportunity to start teaching Pilates which has changed my life and I can still see him walking towards you with his hands up and ready to correct you. My time with Julian in the studio was so much fun and his humour and kindness I will never forget, he was a talented dancer and teacher. Thank you Pilates Anytime for this film and I really loved it, Alan just like Robert Fitzgerald is a private man and to hear his early story is wonderful.
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