Traditional Circuit Flow
Courtney Miller
Class 4855

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Thank's for this great intense workout Courtney!! I love the music in the background! Which playlist is this? Thank's Gala
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this was so amazing. I did the exercises in a deliberate speed for now, but will work up to its original speed :) this video has given me a lot of new and effective ideas. thank you for being so creative, inspirational and positive. 
Thank you for a great workout however the music was really in the way for me
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I love Courtney"s  workouts! this was a fun class.
(I don't like the music in the back ground tho)
Great class! Really enjoyed the flow and the cardio segments 
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Awesome class Courtney as usual. Love having you on Pilates Anytime!  I'm not sure why people complained about the music, I have to say I barely noticed it.  Thanks again.
Always love your enthusiasm and creativity Courtney!  Thank you to you and Abla for such a fun and effective class!!! Loved it!!
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I loved the music too!  I usually listen to my own music as well as trying to listen to the instructors which can be tricky so this was perfect for me!!
Get your sweat on indeed! This was an amazing, creative and super challenging class. Thanks Courtney!
Great workout. Thanks Courtney. Found the music to be distracting though to hear the cues.
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