Creative Circuit Variations<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4856

Creative Circuit Variations
Courtney Miller
Class 4856

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Fantastic! I love the pace, variety of exercises and then the opportunity to repeat sequences throughout.  Fun! Thanks Courtney and Sarah X
Na'ama Fitness and Pilates Pro Studio
Can someone help me with the brand of sara’s outfit ?💕💕💕
Caroline Close
Absolutely brilliant. Love the creative challenges!
Hey!!! Love this clases so much fun Thanks Courtney
Michele M
Wow! Thank was so cool and so much fun! I loved taking Yoga poses and making them super challenging plus the balancing poses on the floor rocked!! Thank you for sharing (no problem with the music??LOL). 
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Loved the class, not the music. 
Love your classes, Courtney.  I found the need to modify the straddling moves as I have short legs and use a STOTT Professional Reformer.
THANKS for the great class.  I did not notice the music as I was paying lots of attention to your great cueing.  
Love it, very challenging class!
Helen S
Your classes are the first I look for!  Thank You!  Love it!
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