Standing on the Arms<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 4863

Standing on the Arms
Cara Reeser
Class 4863

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Loved this class.  But also LOVE your cat! 
Saskia F
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I don't know what just happened but in the middle of this class a muscle around my heart started to play up and I got an emotional release. I guess the arms are indeed the extension of the heart as I learned in anatomy trains (fascia). So thank you sooooooo much for this! 
Ruth S
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Such an interesting class and loved doing the wrist exercises which helps both my Pilates and yoga. Thank you Cara. 
Always appreciate it when a Pilates instructor is able to bring the contribution of the scapulae into an exercise.  Cara cues to hold that shoulder control during the fold-over of Boomerang and not just let the hands fly apart.  Gave me a new muscular action to this familiar but complex exercise.  Loved it!
Cathryn D
I loved this class! Thank you so much for the wonderful detail and pace. My Teaser and Boomerang felt almost (well, *almost*) effortless -- and very powerful. :) I look forward to repeating this class. Thank you, Cara.
I wish you could throw Sammy his toy. He knows what a genius his mom is. Great classes.
Thank you Cara. I've been having some elbow tendinitis & this really felt so wonderful. I am very hypermobile in my elbow joint, so cue about keeping the upper arm externally rotated was helpful. Just love the yoga blocks and all the wrist attention. Plus Sammy visit put a smile on my face💜
Katarina G
Amazing class and excellent series ! Great explanations ! Even after years of experience with pilates, it's helping me so much my practice !
Lina S
My favorite class of the series. The work with the blocks is really helpful. 
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Awesome class, thanks for all these great tips, and love your cat!
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