Strength Training Circuit
Courtney Miller
Class 4865

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Love Courtney and Love Wes.  Thanks for the inspiration.
Agree!!  Love ALL your classes!! Thank You as always!!
Really crazy, I loved it!
Loving this series! Could we have more chair and Cadillac classes please...
Courtney’s classes are the BOMB! Girl gets my heart beating and me sweatin’ 🤗
I keep coming back to this one! Love playing a little “game” of trying to do ONE more rep after you both are done. Thought i’d share. I am SWEATY.
Really great, and posted on my birthday.  Happy belated to me!! Thanks to you both.
Omg that quad stretch the end was bomb 
Great Courtney class as always.   Jump squats with weights - modified but still the feel!  Thanks.
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