Upper Body Reformer<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 4900

Upper Body Reformer
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4900

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wonderful teacher, wonderful class, more pls!!
Beautiful class - well balanced, well paced and great queuing. thank you!
Amy P
Very good class, loved the variations!
Nola Rae M
Loved the variety of this Class ...thank you it was amazing 
Loved it!! Thank you Delia!!
Enjoyed the upper body focus. Great exercises. Really loved this class, thank you! 
Great workout! I especially liked the prone exercises towards the end.
Great class, thank you. Also you have a good, but not too much chatter. Honestly some teachers talk too much and take forever to get to the point! The constant chatter is unnecessary in my opinion. If you are giving cues, good info to help with form and good mechanics great!  
Kathryn R
Thank you for a great class.  And thank you for the notes - I really appreciate that!
Sylvia M
Fantastic class Delia !!! I did your lower body class yesterday and now this one today and I can't wait to do more! Thank you!!
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