Day 5: H2T Give Me Body
Mychele Sims
Class 4941

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I would have liked the challenge to last 5 more days! You made it fun! Thank you!
Such fun classes in this challenge! Love your teaching style! Thank you thank you, Mychele!!
LOVED THIS! Agree would have loved a few more days or maybe a challenge part two please? Mychele Sims  this was so great for my mind and body and your spirit shines through the iPad 😀
You said it best Mychele, "amazing'!  Thank you.
A yummy challenge series; thank you so much; hope to see you again in pilates anytime
Really enjoyed this challenge and your energy Mychele, thanks so much and hope to see you again soon!
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Mychel you are a joy to work out with. Your clear instructions combined with your personality & obvious love of teaching shines. I want more of your classes thank you 🙌
Thanks Mychele for this vibrant, amazing challenge. I WANT MORE!!!
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