Athletic Reformer Circuit<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 5006

Athletic Reformer Circuit
Courtney Miller
Class 5006

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Another outstanding class in this series! I love all the jumping - great to incorporate cardio. 
I am so proud of Alaina! She rocked this workout and is SO strong!
I will certainly have  to break this one down into mini workouts  but  I will do it  :)) Can't wait to take a class from her when I am back in Cali!!
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That was by far the most heart-rate- pumping pilates workout I've ever done!  And my fitbit agrees!  Always creative and fun, but always good form.
Love it so much! My heart rate was pumping! Thank you :)
Really tough! Please keep these coming.
I’m very sweaty now! :)
Definitely so hard
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Loved this. Indeed SO hard. But I'm done and am feeling those great endorphins. 
Thank you Courtney, that was GREAT! I had to modify a few things like the lungs and squat jumps, but I certainly kept moving and the blood pumping, it felt great. I will be doing this one again for sure

Inez G
My faaavorite class! I've done it 3x already, hard but amazing. Going to keep doing it! 
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