Heart of the Matter<br>Joy Puleo<br>Class 5058

Heart of the Matter
Joy Puleo
Class 5058

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Garreth R
Great class Joy. Will definitely add this to my Athletic routine.
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Love this Joy, thanks! I found your explanations very informative and the exercises lots of fun.
I really enjoyed this class!  Thank you!! 
Lina S
Interesting. Fun variations. I've appreciated the explanations.
fantastic, a live, dynamic energising class. thanks again joy
thank you for these creative and entertaining classes, Joy.  I am enjoying them so much. I love the heart as your core. 
Gayle S
FANTASTIC ! Love your energy, cueing and all. Thanks Joy :)
That was decent, liked the on your feet bit at the end. 
very nice but would prefer to see it on  two very different--  less than perfect -- bodies.
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