Balance & Feet Wunda Chair
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 5131

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Loved this just as much as your previous classes. A great balance challenge indeed! I tried not to rely on the pole too much, but was glad it was there ;) Thanks Ilaria :))
And I thought I was strong. Kudos to you. Great class!
Really well cued and structured progression work. Nice flow and pace! Thank You 🥰
Absolutely loved this advanced flow, so creative and precise!  Now I'm going to do them all!  Thank you Ilaria!
Yael C Thank you Yael! 🙏🏼
Linda L Thank you Linda for the feedback! 
Susan R Wonderful Susan! More classes are coming your way soon! 💪🏻
ilaria Cavagna  Such a good series!! Also - it was so good to meet you the other weekend in Chicago!  Your love for feet speaks to me on a deep level :) 
Anna Preston S Happy you like it! Same here... it was very nice to meet people in person in Chicago! 🤗 Hope to see you soon again Anna!
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This is excellent so needed love the use of the chair! 
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