Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 514

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really enjoyed this class!
Niedra - I absolutely love the way you teach! Your classes are fun, enjoyable and I feel it working!! Thank you!
I thought it was a great workout but would like more breathing cues. Really liked the very beginning which I could use with brand new clients who need to build basic strength.
Awesome teacher, I learned a lot from watching and doing! Thanks.
I like this teacher!
I just checked in to this class and thank you all for your comments. Glad you are enjoying basics, its the foundation fro everything else....

Byt the way - Lisa, at the basic level I personally do not talk much about breathing as the client has so much to think about I prefer not to put them into over load with too many details and my erpsonal priority is for them to find their power house and use it, and if along the way they hold their breath I don't mind. I usually start using breath cues later, once the physical foundation is already set.

Hope this helps to clarify
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I really enjoy this class. Neidra, you make it easy to follow and also fun. I have been doing your beginning classes for about a month and I can already see the benefits. This keeps me very motivated. Thank you.
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Great class . Quite challenging for the beginners. Well done everyone
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Thank you Niedra xxx
Hi Niedra Gabriel--great class as always! Your classes have always been inspiring, but now I have a problem with my back (some nerve compression) and rolling like a ball is especially hard on it. Can you recommend any alternatives? Most of the other exercises are easy to modify if necessary, but I can't figure out what to do for the long stretches of rolling like a ball. Thanks!
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