Move for the Joy of It III<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 5177

Move for the Joy of It III
Amy Havens
Class 5177

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Valya Karcher
I really like the shorter class format. It's easier for my schedule to watch while I'm getting ready in the morning and over coffee. It gives me a fresh mindset going into the studio for classes. Thank you Amy and PilatesAnytime!
Love this full body, quick workout,  and variations especially the arm jumps with rotations, really cool, thanks Amy! 😊
Love those arm jumps on a yellow spring! Quick and efficient! Thanks Amy!
Short and sweet bootie burner!
Taghrid K
Great fun class Amy, loved the variations especially the arm jumps and circles. How a short spurt of jumping energises you. Thank you 
Oh my goodness! Can’t wait to try the “Stomach Massage” jumps…😳
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Those stomach massage jumps took me out!  I was shocked at how wobbly my legs felt at the end of that workout.  Just shows you how a well structured class can work you incredibly well in a short amount of time.  Nicely done Amy!

Thank you Amy- so clear and concise, I can follow along with just your audio cuing. Gonna keep working on that stomach massage- whew!
Loved!!!! And loved some more!!!
Yes, yes - quick and zesty - perfect for those rushed mornings when you need the energy up!
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