Meri Christmas Miracle<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 5183

Meri Christmas Miracle
Meredith Rogers
Class 5183

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Sarah's bells brought joy but nothing greater than hearing your laughter Meri. A lovely way to complete a day cooking in the kitchen.  Thanks for a decade of Christmas classes. Best tradition!
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There should be an option for "love" besides of like, Thank you M and  your amazing elves! I was clapping after the class on my own! hahaha xxx
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Another Christmas morning made extra special by your wonderful teaching Meri. I was also very happy to see two of my other most favorite teachers, Amy and Sarah. Thank you again for this tradition. I just love it. Looking forward to taking lots of classes with you three amazing women in 2023.
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Look forward to this MeriChristmas class every year, thanks Meri loved this ball class. 
Julie L
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I never miss your Christmas classes Meredith. Soooo good!! Thank you. And wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2023 xo
Kathy W
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Fabulous class for the “Inbetween” Christmas/new year period when we don’t know what day it is 😂 
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Thank you for another great Meri Xmas! Was wonderful to have all the girls together. Thank you beauties, CJ x
Jo Landis Shields
So fun for me to do this class with you three on this rainy NYE day.  Gave me the warm fuzzies in addition to the giggles and perfect NYE workout.  Happy, Healthy 2023! Big hugs and cheers! 
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Three of the best instructors! Thank you Meredith Rogers  this was great! Like you, I was home for Christamas and now back and was feeling tired a little low and this class did the trick! Loved the girl time giggles and your strength and tone are very inspiring as we head into 2023….thank you! 
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Thank you very much Meredith!
Happy New Year to you Meredith, Amy and Sarah!!!🫶🫶🫶
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