Embody Your Breath
Allie Greene
Class 5189

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Loved it! I feel so calm, connected and centered now. :)
Anita P  Thanks for the lovely feedback! 
Wow.  The lungs really supported my balance and movement on the side lunges.  An eye opener.  I felt more secure there. Another great class.
PA My video kept jumping to the end.  It also finished before the repeat on the other side. Pity.  Just had to make my own repeat and  ending. I haven't had a problem with any of your video classes before.
Cynthia G I love working with the organs. I think you will like the heart class too!
Such a beautiful practice! I need that this morning. Thank you! And I will bring some this to a client - I think it will really help him.
Christine S I’m so happy you enjoyed it and are sharing it with a client! I would love to hear how they liked it. 
Loved this, it felt great in my body! Thanks a lot Allie :))
Anne P. You are so welcome! I'm so happy you loved it!
One Word AMAZING! Thank You! I am Smiling 😊
Ilja I love that you are smiling!! Now I’m smiling with you!! 😊
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