Day 1: Cardio Burst & Jump!<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 5197

Day 1: Cardio Burst & Jump!
Gia Calhoun
Class 5197

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I'm so glad you're all enjoying my Jump Board class! I hope you like the rest of the challenge too! Let me know how the other classes go for you!
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Awesome class!  Short and sweet!
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Well that was fun! Glad to see more classes with you. :) 
Taryn D
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This felt great! Thank you!
I'm so glad you're all enjoying this class!
Kate A
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awesome workout.  Gia, I love how you somehow manage to get an amazing workout in 30 minutes or less. EVERY TIME!  thank you!!!
Jen U
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This was a great class for me Gia!  I love your calm cueing and was impressed how you could speak through the ab section!  That was a burn!  Thank you!
Christa M
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Really excellent cueing!!  Thank you. 
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Loved this challenge! Thank you.
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