Postnatal Mat Reintroduction<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 520

Postnatal Mat Reintroduction
Leah Stewart
Class 520

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Thank you so much Leah for this lovely routine.i have a 10 weeks PP client and your creative PP exercise are very helpful for me.I love the way that you cuing and your energy that you put in your videos.
Just I want to know how long does it take to back to the normal routine for PP clients?

Thank you
Leah Stewart I hope your third pegamcy went well. I am six months PP on my second and am really looking forwards to seeing what PP series you bring next!
Can I find your first class somewhere?
Jessica R
I have really been struggling with a tight lower back to the point of being unable to carry my baby. I visited an osteopath last week and while my back is still tight, I’ve been desperate to exercise and strengthen again. I just completed this class and it was exactly what I needed. THANK YOU
I am revisiting some post natal work for a couple of my clients. What a fantastic and fluid class!!  Thank you so much!! 
Hi Leah, 
I love watching your videos.  I am interested in completing a Pilates training in order to educate my clients in postnatal exercises but am overwhelmed by the options.  Do you have any recommendations for online trainings in Pilates. A colleague recommended AFPA.  Did you take continuing education trainings to learn more about Pre & Postnatal exercises specifically?   
Michela B
Wonderful! Thank you !
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