Straightforward Reformer 3<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 5226

Straightforward Reformer 3
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 5226

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Thanks for some variations on some standard exercise! New ways to engage different muscle group.  Just what I needed today. 
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Thank you Sarah! Always great to challenge coordination with single arms and legs.
Aranka Y
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Thank you Sarah! Feeling more lengthened and great stretching.
Lindsay T
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Great class, just what my body needed today!
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Always enjoy your classes — but this is my new favorite!   Very creative and unilaterally challenging!  
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Sarah--you have such a beautiful relationship to the work.  
Thank you for this lovely lovely class.
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You never disappoint    Thank you thank you   So many gems in here - can't wait to share with my clients!
Kelly B
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So exciting to log on and see a new reformer class from Sarah! Just what I needed today.
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Such a wonderful class, Sarah! Loved the thoracic mobility challenges and balance work from side to side! I always enjoy your classes and especially clear and calm cueing.
Whoa, that felt amazing! I’m healing from a low back snow removal injury, and that felt just right in my body.
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