Chest Opening Mat<br>Erin Wilson<br>Class 5242

Chest Opening Mat
Erin Wilson
Class 5242

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Thanks Erin!! My shoulders/neck have been bothering me lately which they frequently do and this class helped enormously. I will definitely do this class again and agin. Well taught!
Karen M┬áThank you so much for your feedback and taking the class ­čśŐ. I am so happy the class was/is helpful! Thank you, again!
thanks Erin, it was very nice session, using a simple tool as two pillows, at the end of the session I  felt much space into my shoulders, my chest and my back length. Very useful.
Nice moves. I usually  cue to inhale on any extension movement which makes  this difficult  position easier. 
Mel C
Excellent class, cues, and  pace. Looking forward to the rest of your functional series!
Meira H
Thank you for this class. I really enjoyed cues. Looking forward to the rest of your functional classes :)
What a perfect introduction to the upper back. Appreciate the simplicity and clear direction -- plus it felt so good!
Thank you so much for this slow and sweet class. I will do it again and again. 
Luciernaga┬áthatÔÇÖs so wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to comment and taking the class­čśŐ
Joan Breibart thank you!
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