Mat Reformed<br>Misty Lynne Cauthen<br>Class 5296

Mat Reformed
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 5296

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Loved it!
Lauren Ashley
Misty, I loved this class, the concept, the towels- so creative! Your cues are so clear and your voice is so calming. I started my day with this class and feel like I am off to a great start because of you! Thank you!
Misty!what a FABULOUS class, thank you so much. What a joy to see you here on PA and to be able to benefit from your great cueing.
I need more Misty Lynne Cauthen!! Loved this video! Love your low-key nature and fun sense of humor! 😊
This was great! The cues were so clear and easy to follow.
Thank you.
Beautiful class! Thank you. More classes, please!
Anita P thanks so much for watching! Glad you enjoyed it. 😄
Lauren Ashley I appreciate the kind words! There's nothing like starting the day with Pilates... thanks for allowing me to be a part of it. 
Mel S Thanks for trying my classes - AND for appreciating my cueing! I always try to keep it simple and light. 😄 And if you liked these, check out my other series as well - it's called Fortify the Mat, and the videos are all a little longer than these (but still so much fun!).
Liz B Why thank you, Liz! I tend to think I'm low key as well, but my family says something completely different (#haters) I think they just don't want to work out! I'm glad you enjoyed the class. 
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