Feel-Good Reformer<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 5298

Feel-Good Reformer
Kristi Cooper
Class 5298

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Aimee Fitzgerald
Just the class I needed today. Love the creative oblique work. Thank you so much! 
Bethany S
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This is a great way to start the day! Perfect amount of stretching and strengthening . Ty!
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Fabulous class Kristi, thank you. Just what I needed today
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As a BASI Comprehensive teacher - what a well balanced session presented beautifully . A lovely balance,well communicated - proud to be part of this ❤️
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This felt wonderful. I had difficulty with the oblique roll ups, I was all over the place and need to maybe pad my hip, but also  due to my extremely long legs, but something I will work at. The class flew by. I will be repeating this one. Thank you! 
Thank you All! I'm glad this class hit the spot for you!
Lacey M that oblique exercise is one you sort of just have to find the right spot based on the proportions of your body.  I do not have long legs. I imagine this exercise could be the only downside to having them. I hope when you come back to this class you can make it work! 
Jane H
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I have put this in my favourites. Loved it. I find roll-downs challenging and there was a lot but I know I need them!
Tamara Gilliland
Thanks Kristi!  Great class to start my day!
Elise C
recovering from a marathon, this was great xxx
Great class Kristi thanks so much … wow that oblique exercise really showed me how uneven my strength is on the obliques.  Got some homework to do! :)
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