Fun and Flowy Reformer<br>Kristi C and Meredith R<br>Class 5339

Fun and Flowy Reformer
Kristi C and Meredith R
Class 5339

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One of my favourite classes so far! I was sweating and laughing at the same time! You guys are the best :) thanks!
Carla R
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Such a fun class! Thanks guys
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Great reformer work.  Always love watching the two of you xx
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I felt such a difference in my body from the start and then at the end.  I learned new cues for rowing.  Learning and doing - Bravo!
I always enjoy my time playing with Meredith Rogers! Thank you all for playing right along with us!
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Love this quick flow class, thanks 
Kristi Cooper and I love playing with you too!  Again soon hopefully.
Thanks everyone for your supportive feedback.
Marithé Lessard
So good , enjoy it very much , fun and friendly,perfect for the end of the week 🥰🤗 
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Fun class!
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Ahh, the very juicy end on the box face down and the closer! Stick around for this one friends, even if the dead bug on the box in the beginning makes you want to quit!!! ;) (who, meeee????)  second time's the charm :)
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