Youthful Spine<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5387

Youthful Spine
Tom McCook
Class 5387

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Silvia, Thank you very much!! Enjoy and all the best to you!🙏
Tom McCook, Thank you  so much for your thoughtful teaching. I feel more aligned and connected to my body from doing your classes. Your classes are my favorite on PilatesAnytime.  Is there any reason you mention we're going to be doing a movement a long time, i.e. the backwards arm circles. I noticed that has been mentioned in other classes. I was wondering if that is a cue to promote efficiency of movement? Keep up the great work - much appreciated!
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P L, Thank you so much for your message and inspiring feedback!! You are correct, I mention that we'll be doing this for a long time to both "make light of the work" and not get too serious and to promote movement efficiency! Thanks for asking all the best to you!
Thanks for the this class - helped my back and frozen shoulder. 
Carla,  that’s really great feedback! I’m happy to hear you feel excellent results from the class! All the best to you!🙏
Par S
amazing class. Thank you so much! 
Par S, Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed and feel the benefits!! Kind regards!
I throughly enjoyed this class. I have been practicing Pilates for over twenty years but find these beginner, functional movement, healthy spine and mobility classes to be the absolute best!! Always a great workout and always feel great afterwards. I really enjoyed the hip flexor stretches and extension as I have been very tight lately which limits me in more advanced classes. Thank you
Lavina M, Thank you for your thoughtful and inspiring feedback! I'm glad you feel that circling back to foundational, functional movement with new awareness leaves you feeling great!! I think there's so many benefits  for the experienced student of refinement and overall movement health. Enjoy and all the best to you!
Ruth B
So many great, creative moves. Always feel better after one of your classes. Moves look so easy, but they are not!

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