Quick Reformer Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 5398

Quick Reformer Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 5398

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Caroline W
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This class felt great. Always love your classes, Meredith! Thank you!
Love these short flows, Meredith. Never an excuse to not practice! Really appreciate you and your amazing energy and creativity. Simple is not easy!!! 
Amy K
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Wonderful, short burner! Really enjoyed the class and your instruction. 
Alexandra J
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That was lush! Thank you :) 
Michele M
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Thank You Meredith!  That was refreshing and exactly what I needed today:D I love all of these exercises too!
Thank you all for sharing your practice with me and taking time to leave such encouraging and supportive feedback. I appreciate you!
Melissa S
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Thank you, Meredith.  Nice short class.  Love your instruction and flow!
Aimee Fitzgerald
Great class thank you!
Amy W
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Loving these classes I can do in the short breaks of my day. Thank you!
Mandie S
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Just when I think I can’t do more, I hear ur kind voice and I am amazed that u virtually r able to motivate me to do it!! And then some more… “just 4” was what I NEEDED to hear right when u said it!!!! Ur such a wonderful teacher and give the best cues for me to focus on with each exercise. Ur the reason I have this app and u have helped me so much!! Thank u!!❤️🩷
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