No-Nonsense Reformer<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 541

No-Nonsense Reformer
Kristi Cooper
Class 541

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Thank You so much Kristi !!
I will have to do this work a few more times to perfect my movements in the diamond series ~ my hamstrings are talking to me right now from the table top strap curls :)
Loved the full range of exercises in the class. No Nonsense is right !!
Amazing as usual! I loved the diamond series as well! Woke up some new muscles!
"Table Top Strap Curls!" That's what we'll call them! Thanks Yugonda! Must say, Laurel, I'm feeling awake in certain areas myself today! Glad you both enjoyed class.
Thank you Kristi! I loved the diamond series. I had to pause on the teasers but I did it! Great workout!
Hi Krista- wonderful cueing for every movement to give me my best chance to feel the work...and I absolutely did...holy hammies on the long spine! Thank you. More reformer classes please!
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Kristi - great workout! Loved the oblique roll backs with single strap! Will add these to my reformer class tonite!!
Ted Johnson
Hey, is this the first class with the new ivory equipment?
Loved this workout Kristi! Diamond series was great, going to feel it tomorrow!
Awesome class! Your cueing is awesome. Love how much you cue the hamstrings. Has made a huge difference in my practice as well as my clients. Thank you thank you!
Great class. Been a while since we had a reformer class. thanks
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