Fun-Filled Mat<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5411

Fun-Filled Mat
Laura Hanlon
Class 5411

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Busra K
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Brilliant class. I don't sweat easily but this one did the job! Thank you Laura.
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Love love love this class!  I enjoy all your classes and your teaching style!!  Thank you!
Kaisa L
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Thanks for the great lesson! You have clear instructions and you are easy to follow (but the movements were tough)! Greetings from Finland!
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Fantastic class! Thank you, Laura!
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Great instruction and variations - went by fast. Loved the neck pull variation, especially the twisting while in the hinge!
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I love your style and am always overjoyed when I see a new class from you. Thank you Laura, love the green! 
Cheryl S
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Excellent cues! I thought I slowed everyone down when I teach a class. You took it to a whole new level. And made me remember, again, why it is important to slow down with these exercises, in order to gain the full benefit.
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Great class. Feels good
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Hi Laura,  Great Class!  I so enjoyed your energy, clear cues and lovely flow!  THANKS
Such a great core workout!  Thanks, Laura.
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