Shoulder Care Reformer<br>Andrew Aroustian<br>Class 5428

Shoulder Care Reformer
Andrew Aroustian
Class 5428

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Such a nice class and a pleasant tutoring! Thank you very much!
Thank you so much Noa Vered Terry. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 
Hi Andrew, You cue shoulder blades wide with our hands holding the pegs when we lay supine to bridge. In fact it's the pecs that are wide in that position, not the scapulae.
Hi Rena S thank you for your comment and your interest in my class.  When you hold the pegs, there is an encouragement for the scapulae to open and widen during the shoulder bridge, allowing for space and articulation. If you are holding on with the elbows below the shoulders, or pulling inwards, then yes the scapulae are retracted, however this isn’t the position in the class. 
Thank you for watching and I hope this clears it up for you. 😀
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I really loved the version of elephant! 
Thank you Connie M!
Thank you for that class Andrew.  Just taught to my husband who has tight shoulders and he loved it!  Great cues and perfect pace
Carol H perfect! I’m so happy you are sharing this with your family. I have a Men’s Health Matwork and reformer workout on Pilates Anytime, he may be interested in those also. Thank you for your comment. 😀
Amanda W
Love love love this class, so creative and felt wonderful.
Thank you! Loved the flex band with footwork variation! So many fun options there (one leg, one arm, unilateral, contralateral) and an exercise I can modify for every level of class from very rehab to athletic.
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