Find the Arm/Back Connection<br>Lesley Logan<br>Tutorial 5452

Find the Arm/Back Connection
Lesley Logan
Tutorial 5452

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Hi Lesley! 
Great tutorial! love your teaching style! 
Thank you 
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cesar  awe thank ou Cesar! My day is made!!! Thank you so much for watching! xx~LL 
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Could you explore the same theme just using mat/ small equipment like weights and Theraband please.
Karlin A
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That was excellent - sheds  new, positive ways to fix form during our classes.  
Judith R I'd love that! Hopefull we can next time I am there!
Karlin A yass that is exactly what I was hoping for! Keep me posted on how it goes! xx~LL
Liya O
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It was very helpful !!! Thank you 🌺
Liya O yay! Love to hear that! xx~LL 
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Merry Christmas~~~
2023 POT에서 인상적이었던 classic 과 modern pilates 차이에 관한 수업 좋았는데 온라인 수업에서도 에너지 넘치고 최고입니다
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PARK YUN SUN hi! That was such a fun workshop! Thank you for coming to see it in person. And, thank you for taking this workout! Its great to hear you enjoyed it! xx~LL 
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