Day 7: Finish Strong<br>Tash Barnard<br>Class 5472

Day 7: Finish Strong
Tash Barnard
Class 5472

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Lina S
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What a challenge! I've enjoyed your motivational cues. Some exercises were pretty challenging. I'm glad I completed it! I've realized I have more strength than I think. Attitude is key.
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Wonderful......Thank YOU so much.  Love a Challenge!  And I successfully completed..... Stayed positive throughout!
Really enjoyed this challenge, surprised myself too!  Will definitely come back to these sessions as pack a lot in a short amount of time and excellent progressions, great planning!  Thanks so much and Happy New Year! 
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This is how I am ending 2023, with a stunning Tash workout, what could be more lekker! Thank-you so much Tash, just what I needed
Megan C
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This was wonderful! I was a full-time instructor years ago, made a complete career change, but unfortunately, my lifestyle is pretty sedentary due to my new career. While this was very challenging, it reminded me of what my body is capable of, and makes me want to continue practicing again! In just these 7 days, I feel so much better! Thank you for waking my body up again! 
Maria P
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This is the most condensed comprehensive BASI pilates workout! I recommend it to the regular advanced pilates buff. The whole series pushes you to stay focused and strong, and Tash is superb as usual with her gorgeous smile on her face. So grateful to start the New Year Tash-pilates-strong!
Caroline S
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Fantastic class. Very challenging. The whole challenge was wonderful 💪
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This was a wonderful challenge. Some exercises were very tough but I surprised myself by the end on how they were getting a little easier. well done!
Amy P
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Excellent challenge, thanks Tash! Shows how hard foundational movements can be with those early classes
Catherine T
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Super challenge at perfect time over Christmas to anticipate a New Year.
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