Full-Body Mat Class<br>Michael F and Ton V<br>Class 5484

Full-Body Mat Class
Michael F and Ton V
Class 5484

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Great class ! It’s so nice to see you again. I appreciate your brilliant new approach in the way to build exercices! Very seemless. Greatings  from your former translater
in Geneva (it was about 10 years ago)…
Kay S
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Thanks guys, that was a fun Class!
Tanya P
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love this!  thank you Michael Fritzke  and Ton Voogt 
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Thank you Kay and Tanya. Glad you enjoyed the workout
Hi Evelyn, Thank you for your feedback. And all of your help translating for us in Geneva! Wow that was a long time ago.
Claudia D
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This was fantastic! I loved all the "drama" This goes straight to the Favorites...
Fun and creative class! I love how you both switch off teaching - thank you for a nice start the week.
Thank you Claudia, you know our motto "never loose an opportunity to dramatize" lol 
Thank you Marissa. Hope you had a great week
Thank you so much! That was a very well designed end fun class!
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