Pilates for Golfers<br>Michael F and Ton V<br>Class 5490

Pilates for Golfers
Michael F and Ton V
Class 5490

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Top ! Thank you
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So interesting and entertaining! Thank you so much for this. Some of my class members are golfers and will I'm sure be interested in these adaptations for their own practice.
Hi Isabel and Louise, thank you for your feedback. Looking forward to hearing the feedback from your clients as well.
Marithé Lessard
Thank you so much , so nice and specific ,   So important to understand the bio mechanic of the swing , there is a very important point in golf …keeping your head on the ball during all these rotations , is a key for success , then it means cervical must stay long, while the rotation happen ,eyes on the ball , chin on shoulder AND on the other one , thank you very much ,espérant être en mesure d’intégrer  tous ces bons conseils pendant mes vacances …Marithe 🤗💙
Dear Marithé,  you are correct. Keeping the eye on the ball is very important as are cervical rotations. Thank you for your feedback, enjoy your trip. 
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This was very well organized and well thought out. I feel some deep release in my hips with the z sits and the counter rotations that was fantastic. I loved the trick with the small ball and the theraband  under the toes. I also liked the concept of the internal and external rotation of the thigh bones in the actual golf swing. That will be fun to focus on when playing. The should work as well was nice just getting some healthy movement in external rotation protracted retraction and serrated connection. I have some problems with my right hip and leg and I felt a lot of these moves helped highlight those imbalances so I can work on correcting. Is the sequence of these parts especially important - would you omit any pieces if trying to fit into 50 min session. Which ones most important? Thank you I enjoys this and learned a bunch of ideas.
Oops so many typos 
Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for your feedback. When working with golfers it is like working with any other "normal" client. There is no real "order" in the exercises. What you omit will depend on what the golfer needs. Their swing is depending on their abilities. If they have great hip external rotation, it would make sense not to spend a lot of time on that, since they already have it. So much of the swing is depending on the movement of the pelvis and the rotation of the femurs, it would always do something for that, but you could focus on either internal or external rotation for that specific side. Hope this helps.
Thank you both, super useful 
Thank you for the superb presentation. A little humor with the details always helps, and the two of you use it adeptly to enhance the content delivery. 

 Is the elongation and pretensioning of the spine that you talk about a new label tor the pilates concept of ‘imprint’? Is there a difference? What is the importance and difference between having an elongated and pretensioned spine versus a neutral spine?
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