Lower Body Focused Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 5540

Lower Body Focused Mat
Amy Havens
Class 5540

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I really enjoyed this class  Amy, thank you! 
Dear Amy,  thank you for these new exercices ideas and bravo for your good mood and warm presence.  Always a pleasure to practice with you !
Great class! Definitely woke up some leg muscles!
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thank you for showing you wobbling during the balance work. you could have edited it. but we all do it!!
Elizabeth B
What a fun, time efficient, challenging lower body class. I loved this one. 
Thanks so much, Amy for this variation with no kneeling. Perfect for me today as I have heart my knee. 
Really enjoyed this work out it is exactly what my lower body needed today. I love any math class with a prop really am enjoying how many fast and efficient classes there are on offer at the moment very easy to fit into a busy day
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